NAMC Committees

The strength of any organizational is its volunteer structure. Members and volunteers are critical to this end. Whether a little or a lot, your input and time are important. Complete the form below to participate in one of the NAMC committees.
  • Finance Committee 
    Provide financial oversight ensuring timely and accurate reporting of the financial health of the organization. Regularly review internal controls making recommendations for improvement as warranted.
  • Outreach & Membership Committee
    Help expand the organizations membership base. Lead efforts to cultivate positive and sustainable relationships with affiliate, partner and other key stakeholders.  Extend the reach of the organization by attending meetings and events on its behalf.
  • Fund Development Committee
    Established annual fund development plan and support the coordination and execution of fundraising efforts. This can include but is not limited to grant solicitations from foundations, agencies and partners. 
  • Program Committee
    Promote and coordinate education and training opportunities. Work with agencies, affiliates, partners and capacity building organizations to provide members access to tool and resources that assist in building important knowledge, skills and capabilities for business success.
  • Legislative Committee (Ad-Hoc)
    Identify and monitor bills, laws, and pending legislation that affect our members and industry. and Offer policy recommendations and advocate programmatic improvements to ensure that legislators, agencies and community based organizations hear member issues and concerns.
  • Events Committee (Ad-Hoc)
    Support the planning and execution of the Annual Awards Banquet, Affiliate Business Mixers and other partnering events for members, affiliates and partners.